Class NetworkArtifact

All Implemented Interfaces:, rice.p2p.past.PastContent
Direct Known Subclasses:
EnvelopeArtifact, MetadataArtifact

public abstract class NetworkArtifact
extends AbstractArtifact
A network artifact is a bunch of arbitrary data in the shared storage. It is signed to help detect manipulations. Note that this signature is self signed, one has to check if the used key is in a list of trusted keys.
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  • Field Summary

    Fields inherited from class i5.las2peer.persistency.AbstractArtifact

    content, MAX_SIZE

    Fields inherited from class rice.p2p.past.ContentHashPastContent

  • Constructor Summary

    Modifier Constructor Description
    protected NetworkArtifact​(rice.p2p.commonapi.Id id, int partIndex, byte[] content, AgentImpl author)  
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description getAuthorPublicKey()  
    int getPartIndex()  
    boolean hasSameAuthor​(NetworkArtifact other)  
    void verify()  

    Methods inherited from class i5.las2peer.persistency.AbstractArtifact

    checkInsert, getContent, toString

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    getHandle, getId, isMutable

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